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2017 Christmas Food Drive

Food collected by
Medina K of C Council #65

St. Peter's Food Pantry
in Medina

food driveCouncil chambers in Medina K of C banquet hall.

The Medina K of C Council 651 just completed a canned food drive in which approximately 620 pounds of canned goods and other non-perishable items were collected. All donations were solicited by email through council membership directory. Members hand carried their donations to the Medina K of C Council Club over the past 2 weekends.

This is the third year Medina K of C has done this, with over 1,500 pounds of food collected. All donations stay in the Medina community, going to a food pantry operated at St. Peter's Church in Medina. We are grateful for everyone who contributed, with special thanks going to Gregory Traves who jump started our campaign with a donation of 8 cases of canned vegetables.