National Vocation Awareness Week, November 5 through 11, 2017.

“…at a minimum we should pray for vocations daily.”

St. John Paul II

Brother Knights,

The Catholic Church in the United States will celebrate National Vocation Awareness Week, November 5th through Movember 11th, 2017. This observance, sponsored by the U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations, is a special time for parishes to foster a culture of vocations for the priesthood, diaconate and consecrated life.

How will our Chapter and your Council celebrate?

I encourage Knights and their families to pray each day, most particularly November 5-11, for those discerning their vocations.  Many families in the Diocese of Buffalo already pray the above prayer before their evening meal.  Many pastors lead their congregation in this prayer at Sunday Mass before the final blessing.  It is most effective when led by a young person from the parish.

Perhaps you can be instrumental in having school children pray the prayer during announcements at the end of the day, again led by a student.  Also, this is a good practice for those in CCD. 

Perhaps, your Council can honor those in the priesthood, diaconate and religious life through letters, posters that show of personal appreciation:  “Father, thank you for accepting and living your vocation.”

Our support of priests, deacons and religious and those in discernment is critical to the continuation of our Church.

Prayfully submitted
James H Grubka
State Vocations Chairman

Pray for vocations

Dear Holy Spirit,
Please help those who hear your call only as a whisper,
that they may know that it is You calling them to service.
May you fill those You call with the grace and courage
respond to your whisper.
I will pray, encourage and support
those whom You have chosen
for priestly and religious vocations.