Dear Friends for Life -

Over the last two "Buffalo 40 Days For Life” campaigns, we've experienced significant email problems. The problems surfaced during the 2014 campaign and grew much worse in 2015. It got so bad that during the last two weeks of the 2015 campaign, we were unable to send out any announcements.

We’ve used the time since then to research the problem to see how to get our Buffalo 40DFL emails moving again. The problem was due to stricter industry regulations imposed on our Gmail account. Understanding the new restrictions, we’ve made the decision to go with an industry-recognized email provider to send out our campaign announcements and other mailings. So the "Buffalo 40 Days For Life” 2016 fall campaign will be using a new email provider! We anticipate the new email service will be a significant improvement!

Although our new bulk-mail account is named Buffalo Prays for Life, it’s still us! As always, your contact information will remain strictly confidential. We take your privacy seriously.

Please note - our Gmail account ( will remain open for incoming mail. We will use the new service for outgoing mail only. If you’d like to email us, simply reply to any of our mailings, or drop a note to our Gmail account, as you have in the past.

God Bless all you do for Life,

Gene Mendrysa and Peter Adornetto
Buffalo Prays for Life (Buffalo 40 Days for Life)

The 40 Days For Life 2016 Fall Campaign will run from
Wednesday, September 28th through Sunday November 6th
Help us spread the word!