91st Pilgrimage to the

Fr. Millet Cross
at Fort Niagara

1688 Mass of Thanksgiving


On Good Friday, April 16th, 1688, Fr. Millet celebrated a Mass of thanksgiving, and dedicated a wooden cross, asking God to spare the last 12 surviving French soldiers of the terrible winter. The New York State Knights of Columbus erected the bronze Cross in 1926. The Cross was dedicated in memory of Fr. Millet, and all the other priests who brought the Faith to North America. The original Fort Niagara (Fort Conti) was constructed by the French in 1678 at the mouth of the Niagara River at Lake Ontario. The large barracks was built in 1726, and the south entrance erected in 1756. The Fort has been utilized as a military base since 1726.


September 10, 2017

Each year on the first Sunday after Labor Day, the Knights of Columbus Color Corps from the Western and Finger Lakes Conferences gather at Old Fort Niagara to pay their respects to Fr. Pierre Millet.

The Mass is for all Knights, their families, and for all visitors to Fort Niagara.

This year's Celebrant was Fr. Jeffrey Nowak, Associate State Chaplain.

The event is a good time for all to visit with one another in fellowship. On even numbered years, Old Fort Niagara is the scene of the Master, 4th NY District, and Change of Command.








Photos and Story by J. Gregory Traves