Chapter Offcers
Elected to their position for the 2018-2019 year

Position Occupied by Phone
WNY Chaplain (APPOINTED) Fr. Mike Burzynski 716-892-5746
President Sebastian Passanese 716-628-3470
Vice President Robert Davis 716-863-5373
Treasure Lewis Herman 716-984-1983
Secretary Greg Duggan  
Warden Don Czeladzinski  
Advocate Deacon Charles Esposito 716-207-6630 
Inside Guard Richard Odebralski  
Outside Guard Keith Twomey  
Assistant Outside Guard Mike Eggers  
Board of Audit North Jack Bridwell  
Board of Audit Central Anthony Pirrone 716-418-4200
Board of Audit South  Paul Harvey  716-934-4889


COB and District Deputies
Appointed for term 2018-2019


Jerry Baker  740-404-9862


James Horner



Robert Davis 716-863-5373


Matt Girard  716-633-7827





Louis Sinare



Vincent Reisch 716-297-0008