Knights of Columbus

(Amended August 2, 2000)


Section 1. This organization shall be known as the Western New York Chapter Knights of Columbus, hereinafter called the Chapter.


Section 1. The objectives of this Chapter are as follows:

(a) To serve as the service organization and the medium for the exchange of ideas and measures for the benefit of the Order and the Knights of Columbus councils in the Diocese of Buffalo, New York.

(b) To exemplify among its members the principles of the Order, namely, Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism.

(c) To provide help for eligible members of affiliated councils who require financial assistance on account of illness or accident.

(d) To promote Catholic Action and Catholic Education.

(e) To foster and promote recommended programs for Catholic Youth.


Section 1. The members of this Chapter are members of a Council in good standing and shall consist as follows:

(a) New York State Deputy, Current elected New York State Officers and current Western Conference Chairman.

(b) District Deputies having jurisdiction of councils affiliated with the Western New York Chapter within the counties comprising the Diocese of Buffalo, New York.

(c) Seven (7) delegates and two (2) alternate delegates from each member council plus one Past President’s Delegate elected by their council.

(d) Master of the Fourth Degree, Fourth New York District, St. Isaac Jogues Province.

(e) All elected Past New York State Officers elected while residing within the Diocese of Buffalo and still residing within the Diocese of Buffalo.

(f) All of the above must be elected by their individual councils to be considered for Elected Chapter Office.

Section 2. Council Delegates shall be the Grand Knight, Deputy Grand Knight, Immediate Past Grand Knight. Four (4) members and Past Chapter President Delegate who shall be elected as delegates at the annual election of Council officers. Two (2) members shall be elected as alternate delegates for each member Council.


Section 1. Each council shall pay for the period of July 1st to June 30th inclusive, annual dues of Fifty dollars ($50.00) in advance. Dues must be paid at or before the regular meeting of the chapter at which the annual election of Officers takes place.

Section 2. Councils failing to pay Chapter Dues shall not be entitled to Delegates Credentials; right to vote, nor in any manner take an active part in any election, nor be entitled to hold office, either appointed or elected in the Chapter.

Section 3. Councils failing to pay such dues should be deemed in violation of the appertaining sections of the Supreme By-Laws (sec. 242).


Section 1. Regular meeting shall be held on the last Friday of each month at such places as shall be designated by the President of the Chapter. Necessary changes in meeting times and dates will be announced by the President at least one month in advance. These changes will also be included in mailed meeting minutes.

Section 2. The Chapter President, upon the written request of at least one, may call special meetings elected delegate from each of ten (10) different councils. No business other than that which is stated in the written notice of such meeting, sent to each member, shall be considered.

Section 3. All meetings of the Chapter shall be held in the first section.

Section 4. Twenty-five (25) members representing at least ten (10) different councils in good standing shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Section 5. Such delegates from other Chapters as shall be designated by their representative Chapters may attend meetings of the Chapter. They shall be entitled to a voice but no vote.

Section 6. First Degree members of the Order in good standing may attend meetings of the Chapter but shall not be entitled to a vote. Newly organized Councils in good standing shall be entitled to a vote.

Section 7. The Order of Business shall be as follows:

(a) Call to Order

(b) Report on Membership Cards

(c) Prayer

(d) Pledge of Allegiance

(e) Roll Call of Officers and Delegates

(f) Recognition of the Host Council Grand Knight or representative

(g) Opening Ode

(h) Reading of Minutes of Previous Meeting

(i) Reading of Bills and Communications

(j) Report of treasurer

(k) Report of Delegates to Other Chapters

(l) Recognition of State Officers in attendance

(m) Report of Chairman of Board of District Deputies

(n) Report of Board of Governors

(o) Report of Committees

(p) Unfinished Business

(q) Report of Board of Audit

(r) New Business

(s) Election of Officers

(t) Good of the Order

(u) Chaplain’s Report, Prayer

(v) Closing Ode

This Order of Business may be altered at any meeting by a majority vote of the delegates present.

Section 8. The appropriate section of the Supreme Bylaws shall be deemed the rule regulating all discussions.


Section 1. The Officers of this Chapter shall be: Chaplain, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Advocate, Warden, Inside Guard, Outside Guard, Delegates to Designated Chapter, Board of Audit of three, one from each geographic area of the Diocese.

Section 2.

(a) At the regular meeting in June of each year or, if no meeting is held in June, then at the first regular meeting thereafter, the membership shall elect for a term of one (1) year, all Officers, with the exception of Chaplain. The Chaplain shall be appointed by the President of the Chapter after consultation with the Ordinary of the Diocese of Buffalo.

(b) In April of each year, the Chapter President shall appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of one (1) member from each geographic area, North, Central, and South. The report of the Nominating Committee shall be made at the Chapter Meeting held in May. However, nominations will not be closed until the June Election Meeting at which time the Chairman will call for any further nominations for each office.

(c) A majority of the vote cast shall be to constitute and election. When more than one candidate is presented for an office, the election shall be by individual ballot and the procedure shall be as follows: The Secretary shall call the roll of councils. Each delegate casting a ballot shall use the card credential issued by the Secretary as a means of identification. All elections shall be conducted in accordance with Section 93 and other pertinent sections of the Supreme Bylaws.

Section 3. Only elected delegates shall be eligible for any office in the Chapter.

Section 4. The duties and powers of the Officers of the Chapter shall be as follows:

President: The President shall preside at all meetings; appoint committees, unless otherwise ordered by the membership; attend the annual meeting of the New York State Council, Knights of Columbus, and perform such other duties, necessarily incident to such office, as may be imposed by the Chapter. He shall be a member Ex-Officio, with a right to vote, of all committees. He shall in the absence of the Chaplain, act as such. He shall counter-sign all checks drawn upon the funds of the Chapter.

Vice-President: In case of the death or absence of the President, or inability from any cause to act, the Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President. In cases of death, absence or inability of the President or Treasurer, the Vice-President shall be authorized by the Advisory Board to counter-sign all check drawn upon the funds of the Chapter.

Secretary: The Secretary shall keep a full and correct record of the proceedings of the Chapter, keep a list of the members of the Chapter; notify the members of all meetings and perform such other duties incidental to such office, as may be imposed by the Chapter.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all monies and securities owned by the Chapter, depositing forthwith all monies in one general account under the name of the Western New York Chapter, Knights of Columbus, in a bank or banks to be designated by the Board of Governors of the Chapter. Withdrawals from the Chapter’s general account shall be made on the signatures of the President and Treasurer, with the exception notes under Vice-President. The Treasurer of the Chapter shall make disbursements only upon the countersignature of the President. He shall submit semi-annual reports of the finances of the Chapter and shall send out bills and collect all dues and perform such other and further duties incidental to such office as may be imposed by the Chapter or its’ Board of Governors.

Advocate: The Advocate shall be Chairman of the Legal Committee. He may be an attorney and Counselor-At-Law, duly admitted to a member in good standing of the Bar Association of the State of New York.

Warden: The Warden shall have charge of all paraphernalia belonging to the Chapter and shall perform such other duties as may be imposed by the Chapter.

Guard: The Guard shall ascertain if all persons seeking admission are duly qualified members of the Order.

Delegates to Other Chapters: Delegates to Other Chapters shall attend the regular meetings of the respective Chapters and report, at the next regular meeting of the Western New York Chapter the business transacted thereat.

Board of Governors: The Board shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Advocate, Board of Audit, all past and currently elected New York State Council Officers, all Past Chapter Presidents that are delegates and the Master of the Fourth Degree of the Fourth New York District. This Board shall consider and recommend its decision to the Chapter on any fundraising plans, unusual requests for donations and any other matters referred to it by the vote of the membership or by the Chapter President, for such final action as the membership deems necessary on these matters. The Board shall supervise and direct the investments subject to Section 122 of the Constitution and Laws of the Order.

All investments shall be registered in the name of the Western New York Chapter, Knights of Columbus. Such investments shall be in readily convertible interest bearing securities and are to be only those that are or may become legal investments for savings/commercial Banks or a Federal Credit Union in New York State, including bonds issued by the United States Government and New York State. No investment shall be made in any bond and mortgage upon real property. The Board shall recommend the banks in which cash funds of the Chapter are to be deposited in the name of the Western New York Chapter, Knights of Columbus.

The foregoing section shall never be deemed suspended in the event that the Bylaws are temporarily suspended or set aside as provided elsewhere. No special or other committee shall assume any duties set forth in these Bylaws as duties or powers of the Board of Governors except by amendment to these Bylaws as provided elsewhere.

Board of Audit: The Board of Audit shall examine annually and at such other times as shall be directed by the Chapter, the books of the Treasurer and audit his annual report. It shall examine and approve all financial reports of the Chapter Committees prior to their adoption by the Chapter. It shall physically verify, at the annual audit or at such other times as the Chapter directs, the contents of the safe deposit box maintained, if any, in the Chapter’s name.

Chaplain: The Chaplain shall perform such duties as are pertinent to such office. In the absence of the Chaplain, the President shall perform such duties.

Section 5. Resignation of Officers shall be submitted in writing. An officer who has not attended three consecutive Chapter meetings without a valid excuse shall be deemed to have vacated his office.

Section 6. Vacancies shall be filled at the next regular meeting of the Chapter after written notice in the Chapters Monthly Newsletter.

Section 7. At the end of their term of office, all officers shall turn over to their successors, or to the Secretary, if no successor has been elected, all records and property of the Chapter.


Section 1. The President of the Chapter shall appoint, as soon as practicable after the annual election of officers, all Committees and shall designate the Chairman of such committees and the number of members to act thereon.

Section 2. The Standing Committees of the Chapter shall be as follows:

Catholic Action

Fund Raising Activities

Annual Charity Ball

Bishop’s Burse Dinner

Annual Knights of Columbus Mass

Youth Activities


Legal (By-Laws)


Public Relations

Brotherhood Dinner

Day of Caring Golf Tournament

Section 3. At any regular meeting of the Chapter, the members present, by motion duly made, seconded and carried, may instruct the President of the Chapter to appoint such other committee or committees as may be deemed necessary to effectuate the purposes of the Chapter.

Section 4. A majority of any committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, unless the committee by a majority vote of its membership decides otherwise.

Section 5. The President of the Chapter shall have the power to remove from membership of any committee any member who fails to attend two (2) or more regular meetings of his committee or who fails to fulfill the duties of his office; and the President of the Chapter shall have the power to fill any vacancies in any committee.

Section 6: No committee shall be entitled to more than five (5) minutes in the presentation of any report. Final reports of committees shall be made at the completion of the event and it shall be in writing.

Section 7: The duties and powers of the various committees shall be as follows:

Catholic Action: The committee shall investigate all matters affected with a Catholic interest as may be referred to it by the Chapter. It shall take such action, subject to the approval of the Chaplain, as may be required and shall recommend to the Chapter and the Councils thereof, a course of action to be pursued.

Fund Raising: The committee shall make all the arrangements necessary for an annual fund raising effort as may be decided upon by the Board of Governors with the approval of the membership at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Annual Knights of Columbus Mass Committee: This committee shall make all arrangements necessary for a Chapter Mass, if any is planned.

Youth: The committee shall devote its efforts to promotion of Columbian Squires Circles and such other activities as may be designated by the Chapter.

Retreat: The committee shall devote its efforts to the promotion of individual council retreats as well as a Chapter retreat. It may also be involved with efforts to provide a Day of Recollection for individual councils or the Chapter.

Legal: The committee shall handle all legal matters referred to it by the President thereof, and present in proper form any suggested changes in these Bylaws. The Advocate shall keep a record of the changes adopted and have them available at all times for the use of the Chapter.

Speakers: The speakers committee, upon request, shall supply qualified speakers for Council meetings, Communion Breakfasts, indoctrination and other appropriate occasions.

Charity Ball: This committee shall make all arrangements necessary for an Annual Charity Ball raising effort as may be decided upon and that there be utilized an area rotation system in the selection of a Charity Ball recipient and shall thereafter proceed in the following manner and sequence: Northern area, Southern area, Central area, Northern area, etc. The Chairman of the committee shall be the Vice-President of the Chapter.

Public Relations: The committee shall publicize the activities of the Chapter and its various committees by every means possible.

Brotherhood Dinner: This committee shall be responsible for the organization and coordination of the annual dinner held in conjunction with the Western New York Masonic Fraternity.

Golf Tournament: The committee shall plan, organize, and run an Annual Chapter Golf Tournament as directed by the Chapter President.

Bishop’s Burse: The committee shall plan, organize, and run an Annual Bishop’s Burse Dinner at a time and date set by the Ordinary of the Diocese. Any Central area council requesting consideration to host this event must submit their proposal in writing by September 1.


Section 1: The General Fund of the Chapter shall be made up from:

(a) Councils’ Chapter dues

(b) Council contributions

(c) Such other funds as may from time to time become available.

Section 2: Disbursements from the General Funds shall be made for the following:

(a) General operating expenses of the Chapter

(b) Committee expenses except those of fund raising committees

(c) Expenses, not in excess of $200.00 for the President of the Chapter to attend the Annual Meeting of the New York State Council Knights of Columbus. The exact amount to be recommended by the Board of Governors.

(d) Special donations as approved by the Chapter.

(e) No money in excess of $100.00 shall be paid of transferred from the Treasury of this Chapter (except such monies as the Chapter is called upon to regularly pay for current expenses as provided by the Supreme Council or Board of Governors or as specifically set forth in the budget and Bylaws of this Chapter as approved expenses) unless by a two-thirds vote of members present and voting at a regular business meeting held subsequent to a regular business meeting at which notice in writing of intention to pay or transfer such money and the purpose and amount to be paid or transferred shall have been given and regularly read.

Section 3: All surplus funds of the Chapter, as determined by the Board of Governors of the Chapter shall be invested in such securities as are legal for savings/commercial banks or Federal Credit Unions in the State of New York. But in no event shall an investment be made of the fund of the Chapter in any bond or mortgage upon real property or in any participating certificates or other securities issued solely in connection with interest in real property. The Board of Governors shall select all investments and it shall report to the Chapter all changes in investments.

All Chapter funds and securities shall be maintained in the name of the “Western New York Chapter, Knights of Columbus”.


Section 1.

(a) Proposed amendments by these Bylaws shall be presented in writing at a regular meeting of the Chapter and referred without debate to the Secretary of the Chapter for publication. Notice of such proposed amendments shall be given the members by mail by the Secretary at least five (5) days previous to the meeting at which it shall be considered and discussed. A two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at said meeting shall be necessary for the adoption of such proposed amendments.

(b) These Bylaws or any portion thereof may be temporarily suspended by a three-fourths vote of the members present at any regular meeting.


Section 1. The Constitution and Laws of the Order and/or Robert’s “Rules of Order, Revised” shall govern in all cases by the foregoing.